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October 21, 2019

Help Prepare the Executor of Your Estate

When you draft a will, you need to designate a specific individual to serve as the executor (also known as the personal representative) of your estate. Since the executor has many duties during the probate process in order to wind up your estate, it’s a good idea to help them understand what is expected of them in advance. Here are some helpful steps you can take to prepare your executor for their role.

It is important for your executor to know where you bank, what property you own, your insurance policies, where your assets are held, your beneficiaries, and more. You might not want to divulge all of this information during your life, as privacy is important while you are still living. Consider the following options instead: 

  1. Write a Letter of Direction You can prepare a letter with all of the information your executor needs that they will receive with your will. Giving them specific information can save them time, expenses, and stress, and the letter can be extensively detailed.
  2. Organize Important Documents You should gather copies of all of your important documents and keep them with your will. This can include estate planning documents, financial statements, insurance policies, beneficiary designations, and more. Organize them in a file cabinet or binder and make sure to tell your executor where they can locate the documents they need all in one place.
  3. Leave Digital Information In this day and age, almost all of us have numerous digital accounts. Whether you pay all your bills online, have social media accounts, use online streaming subscriptions, or any other online activities, these will need to be handled after you pass away. Considering  leaving a list of all of your usernames and passwords so your executor and other loved ones can access your accounts to take necessary action.
  4. Plan Your Funeral After your death, your family members will be dealing with their emotional grief, and the last thing they want to do is have to plan a funeral. Your executor and other family members may even disagree on how to carry out your funeral arrangements. By taking the time to select a mortuary, speak with the funeral director, purchase your burial plot or other necessary services, you can save your family and friends time, money, and stress during an already difficult time.  Once these arrangements are in place, be sure to keep them with your other important documents we mentioned earlier.

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